FAQ Napoleon

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Napoleon comes in a wide variety of flavors. Click here to see all the flavors there are.

Napoleon candy balls do not contain any artificial coloring, only natural coloring.

Napoleon candy balls only contain natural flavorings.

All the Napoleon flavors are gluten-free.

All the Napoleon candy balls are vegan.

The Napoleon Lemon, Fruitmix, Apple, Orange, Blackcurrent and Raspberry are halal.

As well as the product specific reasons such as for instance to prevent the sour products attracting moisture and the sweets sticking together, the Napoleon wrappers also have another function – you can easily share them. It is also more hygienic when the product is presented in a sweet pot or a goblet.

FAQ Napoleon wrappers

Every Napoleon candy now has a waxed paper jacket instead of plastic. How cool is that! This means that we produce no less than 60,000 kilograms less plastic! This equates to 360,000 plastic wrappers. Yes, so many people love Napoleon. And we like to set a good example for a better world.

No sticky mess in the candy jar or bag with us. That is why the Napoleon candy is (still) packaged separately. Because how annoying would that be! In addition, the candy jar remains a lot more hygienic and makes it easier to hand out the candy or take it with you on the go.

The new wrapper is made of FSC®-certified paper. To protect the paper against moisture, it is coated with a vegetable wax made from corn and rapeseed. Naturally, there is no palm or coconut oil in the mix. The wrapper is biodegradable. This means that it completely decays in nature. But let’s be honest, that’s not the intention. The wrapper simply belongs in the waste bin, so the party is complete.

The waxed paper wrappers are biodegradable, but strangely enough they are not allowed in the waste paper bin. How? This is due to the wax layer. Briefly explained: you can recycle waste paper by adding water to paper. This is how paper turns into pulp. The basis for reuse. Our vegetable wax layer protects the sweets well against moisture, but dissolves less quickly in water. Unfortunately, there is no time for that in the industrial recycling process. So our advice is: just put it in the residual waste bin.

We don’t like waste. So it may be that there are still old packaging in some stores, while the new variant has already arrived. Don’t worry, the sweets are still exactly the same and just as tasty, just the wrapper is different!