How are Napoleon sweets made?

We all know that Napoleon sweets taste delicious. Made of hard-boiled candy and filled with powder, only the very best ingredients are used. What’s more, only natural coloring and flavorings are added. But how are the sweets actually made?


The first step is to weigh out and mix together the basic ingredients, which we will not disclose for obvious reasons. Our automated weighing system and electronically controlled mixing system ensure that the quality of the mixture is always the same. So that all our sweets always have the same delicious taste!


We take the basic mixture produced after the weighing and mixing and boil it at a high temperature. This boiling is still carried out according to a completely traditional method, in large copper kettles. We boil it just long enough for almost all the moisture to evaporate from the basic mixture.


We add other ingredients to the boiled, syrupy basic mixture: citric acid, salt and coloring and flavoring. Once we have mixed everything together thoroughly, we allow the ‘dough’ that has now been produced to cool to around 80°C on a conveyor belt.


We fill the dough with powder. How we do this will remain our secret! A machine then shapes the dough into a long, round string, and the dough is then chopped into small pieces at lightning speed. A large roller then shapes the pieces of dough with the powder center into the familiar Napoleon candy balls.

It’s a wrap

The final step! We first allow the sweets to cool down further via a cooling tunnel. The sweets are then transported to a wrapping machine, where each candyball is packaged separately in a wrapper. This ensures that the sweets are not exposed to moisture, do not stick together and can be carried around and presented in a hygienic way. The wrapped sweets are weighed and automatically packaged in a bag and then in a box. The Napoleon sweets are now ready to be brought to the store. On their way to you!