The candy balls with a delicious long taste sensation!
Napoleon sweets are traditionally made candy balls, for a delicious long taste sensation, with a surprising powder in the centre. Because they are individually wrapped, you can share them or enjoy them yourself of course!

6 minutes of enjoyment

Napoleon sweets, the candy balls with a delicious long taste sensation! Ideal for a treat, a study break or a moment to yourself. Enjoy your favorite Napoleon candy balls for a whole 6 minutes to relax completely. You will find the sweets in various fruit flavors, salmiak, licorice and the delicious licorice fruit DUO’s. For everyone who loves traditional sweets full of flavor as well as of a high quality. Eat them when you are on the road or just enjoy at home: always sweet on the outside and with a surprising powder inside. Napoleon is a ‘delicious long taste sensation’.

Candy made with care

We all know that Napoleon sweets taste delicious. Made of hard-boiled candy and filled with powder, only the very best ingredients are used. What’s more, only natural colorings and flavorings are added. But how are the sweets actually made?